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AI applications

Industrial-scale AI applications for the utilities, telecommunications, insurance, and financial services industries

ExploreAI builds industrial-grade AI applications for blue-chip companies. We deliver across three continents and multiple industry verticals: utilities, telecommunications, insurance, and financial services. We have over 175 scientists and engineers based in South Africa, the UK and India.

We’ve built over 20 production-grade AI solutions in use by our clients today. These applications have fundamentally changed the way our customers run their operations. We’ve won awards for the work we’ve done, including Water Productivity App of the Year and UK Data Science Project of the Year (2021).

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reduction in loss ratio for insurers using our platforms.


saved through pollution reductions by water and waste utilities.


saved through reduced supply interruptions by water utilities.

Our offerings

Data enrichment
We take your existing data and apply advanced data strategies to it in order to provide a new dimension and view of your existing data.
Empower decision making
By combining advanced data models with industry leading AI technologies, we help business get the right information that drives better decision making.
Process automation
By using advanced AI technologies we can effectively automate processes to help your business save time and money.

Our offerings


We provide a full range of bespoke solutions targeted at wastewater executives and operators to help them operate their businesses more effectively.


We provide a full range of bespoke solutions targeted at water executives and operators to help them operate their businesses more effectively.


We build market-leading applications to enable global telecommunication providers to maximise return on investment and profitability.


To survive in the future, insurers will need AI and machine learning integrated tightly into processes and decision-making.
Image of a wastewater plant with a digital layer stacked on top of it reflecting the digital twin.


Digital replicas of real world systems allows one of the biggest Wastewater treatment plants to effectively simulate and test strategies prior to real world adoption.

Staff augmentation

We build and supply data science and data engineering teams for our clients. These teams comprise our ExploreAI Academy graduates who train on real-world, industrial projects during the course.

Sponsor students

Africa is the youngest continent (median age = 18, next youngest = 31) and thus is poised to be the world’s talent factory in the coming century.

Train your workforce

Data science and data engineering are the hot topics on every hiring manager’s lips. Perhaps you have large teams of data analysts, or just getting out of the blocks in leveraging your data.

Rent graduates

Hiring permanent staff is time-consuming, and sometimes risky. How often do you have an urgent need for talent that needs to be filled yesterday?

Hire from us

Technical data talent is in short supply, globally. Remote work has made this talent more mobile than ever, presenting both challenges and opportunities.

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