Leveraging the power of AI for water utilities of all sizes

We provide a full range of bespoke solutions targeted at water executives and operators to help them operate their businesses more effectively. Our AI applications are used at scale on the front line to help managers and operators do their day-to-day jobs better.

We’ve helped large water companies manage their leakage, optimise their supply and demand, and reduce their supply interruptions. Our tools are delivered by a combination of mobile apps and desktop tools and used for core network decisions.

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improvement in leakage reduction through data-driven field-force intervention.
51+ ML/day
of leaks detected using the Where app.
cost-avoidance from enabling preventative action to limit supply interruptions during an extreme weather event.

Our expertise

Supply-demand modelling
Near real-time modelling and visualisations of the movements in hydraulic systems. Predict if, when, and where problems may occur.
System risk analysis
See where in your network the risks are, how significant they are, and what to do to fix them.
Predictive maintenance
Understand asset maintenance schedules, how to optimise asset spend, and improve customer satisfaction.
Field force optimisation
Empower leakage analysts, technicians, and executives to understand field force performance and efficiency.

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