Image of a wastewater plant with a digital layer stacked on top of it reflecting the digital twin.


Building world-class, cloud-based digital twins to unlock plant operational performance and enable intelligent investment into infrastructure

We are pioneering the way forward in building cloud-based digital twins for sewage treatment plants.

We build simple-to-use, end-to-end pneumatic, hydraulic and process engineering models. These allow end-users to create simulations to mirror their day-to-day plant operations. Users can adjust various plant factors, including inflow conditions, asset configurations, and process configurations.

We create comprehensive data models based on live information taken directly from the plant. Through intelligent analysis and AI, these models enable the provision of recommendations to the end-user. Among other things, models guide how to better configure a site for increased operational efficiency and long-term capital expenditure.

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£260K+ pa

identified to be unlocked in operational cost through the optimisation of air supply processes

£100K+ pa

identified to be unblocked in operational cost through the optimisation of earation processes.

Improved modelling

Rectification of on-site equipment allowed for by verifying discrepancies with site data based on modelled scenarios and simulated data.

Our expertise

Data models
We create data models using a treatment plant’s on-site data.
Digital replicas
We create bespoke engineering models to emulate the plant’s physical, real-world processes.
End-to-end Infrastructure
We set up the necessary infrastructure to host these models in the cloud for easy access.
We provide you with an easy-to-use application to facilitate the adjustment of parameters in the digital twin.

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