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We offer team augmentation at unbeatable economics. Our world-class Academy and recruitment philosophies ensure a premium talent pool at exceptional rates.

We also help organisations thrive in the new digital economy. We can help you build talent pipelines, reskill your employees, and help you hire new digital talent with the latest cloud, AI, and data skills. We have taught thousands of learners the latest AI and data skills. We’ve accelerated many organisations by augmenting, training, and supplying talent to the CDOs and CIOs of large blue-chip companies around the world.

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augmentation projects for partners in various industries.


of students trained through our Academy (now gainfully employed).


in research and development benefits to partners.

Our offerings

Sponsor students
Invest for impact. Sponsor students to study with us in order to change lives and make an impact.
Train your workforce
Upskill or reskill your workforce with in-demand skills, delivered to achieve business outcomes.
Hire from us
Build your team with world-class, highly skilled data talent who know how to work in agile teams.
Rent graduates
Plug your data talent needs with no long-term commitment and immediate gratification.
Staff augmentation
Augmenting people and decisions to help clients become truly data-driven enterprises.

Our offerings


We provide a full range of bespoke solutions targeted at wastewater executives and operators to help them operate their businesses more effectively.


We provide a full range of bespoke solutions targeted at water executives and operators to help them operate their businesses more effectively.


We build market-leading applications to enable global telecommunication providers to maximise return on investment and profitability.


To survive in the future, insurers will need AI and machine learning integrated tightly into processes and decision-making.
Image of a wastewater plant with a digital layer stacked on top of it reflecting the digital twin.


Digital replicas of real world systems allows one of the biggest Wastewater treatment plants to effectively simulate and test strategies prior to real world adoption.

Staff augmentation

We build and supply data science and data engineering teams for our clients. These teams comprise our ExploreAI Academy graduates who train on real-world, industrial projects during the course.

Sponsor students

Africa is the youngest continent (median age = 18, next youngest = 31) and thus is poised to be the world’s talent factory in the coming century.

Train your workforce

Data science and data engineering are the hot topics on every hiring manager’s lips. Perhaps you have large teams of data analysts, or just getting out of the blocks in leveraging your data.

Rent graduates

Hiring permanent staff is time-consuming, and sometimes risky. How often do you have an urgent need for talent that needs to be filled yesterday?

Hire from us

Technical data talent is in short supply, globally. Remote work has made this talent more mobile than ever, presenting both challenges and opportunities.

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