Staff augmentation

Augmenting people and decisions to help clients become truly data-driven enterprises

We build and supply data science and data engineering teams for our clients. These teams comprise our ExploreAI Academy graduates who train on real-world, industrial projects during the course. The result is world-class talent for you to build your digital capability.

The modern organisation produces masses of data that they don’t know what to do with. Hiring data specialists without internal know-how is tedious and expensive, so you’re more likely to avoid doing it. We remove the risk of bad hires and decisions by helping you kickstart your internal data processes with a dedicated team for a fixed contract.

We partner with you to help accelerate your analytical and AI practices, and we’ll enable you to catch up with or vastly outperform your competitors.


Our expertise

ExploreAI is fully MICT SETA-accredited and a Level 3 B-BBEE contributor.
Positive feedback loop
We provide high-quality data scientists and data engineers who can leverage the large ExploreAI ecosystem.
Transition to data
We help our clients to become data-driven enterprises by supplying the right people and solutions.
Modern workflows
We partner with clients to help them adopt AI engineering practices to build and manage adaptive AI systems.
Unlocking your potential
Our team generates incredible value by unlocking the power of AI to help clients reinvent themselves.

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